Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, India (Affiliation No.: 2130282, School No.: 81087)

Registered Under Society Registration Act 1860 and Registered Wide Registration No:. 2274/1989-90

Admission / Withdrawal Guidelines

Admission, Leave and Withdrawals

The school aims to create an atmosphere to develop the personality of each student by providing an environment for wholesome upbringing, seeking to produce well adjusted, dynamic students with good qualities of the head and heart.

Examination & Promotion

  • 1. The Principal reserves the right of accepting or rejecting admission to any child who seeks admission to the school.
  • 2. Admission will be based on the child’s performance in the admission test on the syllabus of the class one below.
  • 3. Pupil coming from other school will not be admitted without T.C. from the school last attended.
  • 4. At the time of the admission a copy of the child’s birth certificate must be submitted to the school’s office. The date of birth mentioned at the of admission will not be altered on any account later on.
  • 5. Notice of withdrawal should we given a month before the date of withdrawal otherwise the school shall charge one month’s fee. Pupil who live in the month’s of may must pay the fee may and June and those who live in January must pay the February and march also.
  • 6. School living certificate will not be issued until all the dues are paid including T.C. charge.
  • 7. The school authorities reserve the right to dismiss those pupils whose progress in class is unsatisfactory, the attendance is irregular, conduct is harmful to other students or fees or not paid in time. Honesty, cleanliness, good manners and the loyalty are demanded of each student.
  • 8. The principal has authority to ask a student to with draw on disciplinary grounds and his/her authority can not be questioned.
  • 8. The principal has authority to ask a student to with draw on disciplinary grounds and his/her authority can not be questioned.
  • 9. A child who fails twice in the in the same class will not be permitted to say on in the school.
  • 10. Minimum 80% attendance is must for qualifying promotion to the next higher class.
  • 11. The attendance will be counted from the opening of the class up to the first of the month preceding the month in which be examination commences.
  • 12. No leave absence is granted except on prior written application from parents or guardians for a valid reason only.
  • 13. A student returning to school after suffering from an infection or some contagious disease should produce a doctor’s fitness certificate permitting him/her to do so.
  • 14. Pareses are requested respond appropriately immediately to later and notes sent by the school. In case there is no response, any step taken by the school authorities in that regards will be final.
  • 15. All information submitted by thr parent’s at the time of admission should be authentic. No request for any change shall be entertained there after.